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tv   News  ABC  June 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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cooler temperatures. and it does feel like 77 at the harvard school in annapolis. you'll see more clouds in the sky today. mixture of clouds and sun to be expected. showers to our west having trouble surviving the trip through the mountains and we'll have ourselves a partly sunny day with more clouds this afternoon with a high of 82. much cooler than the 90 we hit yesterday. right now at 5:30, let's see what is happening on the road. >> justin, we have a couple incidents so far to begin our tuesday morning commute. an accident reported on the inner loop lanes at nursery road. also dealing with the water main break that has the westbound lanes. traffic is being diverted on to old frederick road. as we look around the beltway here, very quiet here. traffic looking very good and light in both directions. as we flip around some more, everyone headed towards i-70. no problems and no delays at this time and looking one more on frederick road, no problems or anything that is going to hold you up as you make your
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way around 695. megan and jamie, back to you. >> bp starts feeling the heat. documents released by a house committee say that the oil company cut corners because it was behind schedule and losing money. take a look at some live pictures. you have seen this before. the oil leak makes you shake your head. president obama visits visits florida there. he is going to address the nation tonight in the oil spill will be what he will be talking about. john hendrin is there. >> still largely spared from the oil spill, for now. >> we haven't been in the water. we smelled it when we pulled into pensacola. we smelled it when you come up to the bay. >> the president is sounding like a tourism director in chief. >> there's still a lot of opportunity for visitors to
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come down here. a lot of beaches that are not yet affected or will not be affected. >> tonight, he'll discuss his plans for coping with an unprecedented man-made disaster. he is expected to ask bp to set aside a multibillion dollar fund to aid victims of the spill. >> we want to make sure we have a structure in place so people are adequately dealt with. that will be a topic of mine when i meet with the bp officials. >> meanwhile, that oil is taking its toll. >> what's going to happen to the stuff that rolls up on the beach for the next 5, 10, 15 years? i mean, are we ever going to bounce back? who knows. >> at fort jackson, louisiana, sandbags from the air protect the marsh lands. >> we are in a fight for our survival. >> a fight president obama will outline tonight. >> the president will meet with bp until tomorrow after he spelled out his plan for this
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spill and later this week, bp chief executive is expected to face tough questioning on capitol hill. john, abc news, washington. >> president obama will address the nation tonight at 8:00 and you can watch it right here on abc2. >> all right, baltimore city police are investigating the murder of a census worker. spencer williams was shot several times inside his car last monday after he gave a coworker a ride home. he died friday just a few days after his 23rd birthday. investigators have no suspects or a motive at this time. >> talks are expected to continue between spirit airlines and the pilots who are striking. thousands of passengers have been stranded. pilots walked off the job on saturday. airlines canceled all flights through tomorrow. pilots walked out early saturday, saying the company's last pay proposal falls short of what other discount airlines
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offer. spirit is giving customers credit for flights. stranded travelers say that's not enough. >> we can't get back and they don't care. they aren't endorsing our tickets. they are giving us a small refund and saying buy your own ticket. >> we have had to seek self- help to motivate the company to give us a fair contract. >> locally, spirit airlines flies into ronald reagan national airport. the dangers over dirt bikes. community leaders organize the talk about the growing problem of the illegal dirt bikes in our city. it's common scene on many of our streets. youngsters riding dirt bikes and bikes up and down the streets. he stressed the need for solutions. >> when you close down rec centers, you don't have
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baseball diamonds, our kids are going to not enjoy themselves. >> the meeting was in response to recent accidents caused by people riding dirt bikes. we had a motorcyclist killed in a crash involving a dirt bike. envelopes with a suspicious white powder sent to some federal buildings. >> what the substance is. and high waters in oklahoma after heavy rain caused flash flooding. here is justin with our own weather. >> just a few scattered storms, but we start off warm and humid. temperatures 71 right now in baltimore. we are 60s. we'll check out our forecast coming up. let's see what is happening with the mta. >> good morning. you'll find some diversions in the mix. dealing with a water main break diversion in both directions. in fact, frederick and dellray on the number 10 bus line and
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this morning, preparations are being made in oklahoma city. flash flooding caught many by surprise. crews were finally able to reach this woman, take a look at this video. it took a while. rescuers who tried to save her found themselves in need of rescue. 10 inches of rain fell on monday. swamping parts of the city, forcing more than 50 high water rescues. forecasters there are saying there's going to be more rain and thunderstorms today. 5:39 right now. awful video. >> it's terrible. here's justin burke now. we had a little bit of a storm yesterday roll through, but nothing, looked worse than it was. >> after arkansas and what happened there and we have ourselves some scattered storms, but hopefully none of those big, heavy slow moving storms that caused the problems. right now, feels like summer. just wanted to show you the board walk at 72 degrees. yeah, that's nice. 77 is what it feels like.
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the west side of baltimore, highlighting the fact we have ourselves a partly cloudy sky. it feels, you can say like beach weather in baltimore without the beach. temperatures we should get ourselves up from the upper 60s and low 70s to 82 this afternoon. our 2-degree guarantee will slip back to the mid 70s with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. at 5:40, let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> we were able to find this accident on the outer loop, blocking the two left lanes at this time. you're going to find minor delays approaching wilkins, not quite to frederick road yet. it clears up pretty easily. also activity on the inner loop off to the left shoulder, traffic slowing by just a little bit. aside from that, we are clear around the area. no problems on the 95 corridor. 795, all lanes open at this time also. linda is out in the field. she is standing by. she has the latest details on one of today's top stories.
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>> cops and firefighters are livid. i'm linda so. the city council is one step closer to making changes to the pension system. >> a community comes together to mourn a marine shot and killed at a baltimore nightclub. a baltimore city officer is killed. find out what defense attorneys are saying about this case.
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can the city protect your future? linda so is live at city hall with the latest on this pension fight. good morning, linda. >> the city council has to move one step closer to making changes to the pension system for city, police, and fire. it's a move that is saving the city some money. if the city doesn't make the changes to the pension system, the city will have to pay an extra $65 million into the system on july 1, which is just two weeks away. the bill would require police officers and firefighters to serve 25 years before they could retire with full benefits. right now, they can serve 20. each year, benefits would increase by 1 or 2% depending on the age of their retiree.
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that number can be higher depending on the stock market. police and firefighters can increase -- the head of the city's police union called the vote outrageous. >> the police and fire unions both have already filed a lawsuit in federal court aimed at stopping any changes to their current pension system. the council is likely to vote on the bill for one final vote of this upcoming thursday. linda so, abc2 news. >> it was the first in the country, at the power plant in the inner harbor. today, the sports theme restaurant downtown is set to close its doors for good. the walt disney company is shutting down most of their epsn zones. trial scheduled to begin in towson for a woman indicted on charges of theft and conspiracy. authorities say the 37-year-old
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dena lioni reached out to friends through facebook and said she has stomach cancer. she asked for money, but according to prosecutors, it was all a lie. and today, sentencing is set for lamonte davis. he was convicted of shooting wyatt and another man back in july of 2009. davis faces a maximum sentence of life plus 61 years. his sentencing hearing is set for 9:30 this morning at courthouse east. the man is scheduled to go on trial for the beating death of an elderly black fisherman. in the beating of james privot. this happened last august. while the victim was fishing in baltimore, south baltimore more specifically and court documents say he confessed to beating the man and said it wouldn't have happened if the victim had been white.
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he will be tied alongside a morning with another person who is facing charges in all of this. a teenager, a second teenager had his case moved into juvenile court. >> an offduty city police officer accused of shooting a marine outside a baltimore nightclub has been denied bail. the bail review is the first time that we heard from the officer, at least his side of the story. a family says good-bye to a loved one. abc2 news joins us with the story. sherrie. >> family and friends will come out today to pay their respects for tyrone brown. he was the marine shot and killed outside of a baltimore nightclub. the offduty officer accused in that crime, tshamba. the defense attorney says his client stepped in after brown started groping a woman, identifying himself as a police officer. brown's family says he threw up his hands and walked away.
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the sun reports -- after driving drunk. defense attorneys say the officer received a bronze star and accommodations for saving a child held at knife point. >> the officer was decorated for 15 years and now all of a sudden he has not had a chance to respond with exception of today, where i was able to present information for the court to consider about who he is as an officer and he is not this person he is being contemplated. >> the viewing for tyrone brown will be held today from 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 tonight another march funeral home. that's on the campus of morgan state university. meanwhile, they stand by their charges and handling of this case despite criticism of leaking information about this case. in the studio, sherrie johnson,
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abc2 news. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> and good morning. 71 degrees here in baltimore. up towards philly, mild, muggy, mid to upper 70s and southeast virginia. you'll notice the cooler 60s in pennsylvania. there's a boundary that is draped across our region and helped provide some storms and it has fallen apart. approaching western pennsylvania, looks as if anything, we are going to get added cloud cover. suppress our temperatures, but the showers themselves will probably have trouble crossing the mountains. that's the morning trip. however, we will develop showers and storms along that boundary and along the front range of the appalachians this afternoon. this particular computer model does not indicate we are going to have ourselves an outbreak of thunderstorms. because of the humidity in place and because of this boundary closed cannot help, at least darkened the skies.
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our threat of rain will really go up tomorrow as we'll start to push this system closer to us. most of central and western pa locked in by noontime, it will be warm and it will help to charge storms as we head through the afternoon. after that, we get the sun back out and start heating up, leading into the weekend. before today, 82 with the increasing clouds and scattered showers. as we head through tonight, we'll drop back to 66 degrees. a better chance of afternoon showers and storms and watch the upper 80s and 90s dominate the thermometer. kim. >> justin, you're not going to find any real delays at this time around the area. traffic appears to be moving well. pretty much on the 95 corridor. no problems as you make your way down from river side parkway headed down towards the beltway. as we take a peek at our drive times, looking good. down towards 895 split, then it's 5 minutes from there. as we head towards the fort
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mchenry toll plaza, looking good. that will take you 9 minutes this morning. the beltway of wilkins avenue, you are going to see police on the scene. traffic is able to get by that without any problems this morning and looking on the northwest corner, traffic flowing pretty freely here as well. stay with us, because we do have more of good morning maryland coming back right after this.
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let's take a look at some of the top stories. first off, we have an earthquake. an earthquake, 5.7 in san diego last night. it was centered 70 miles southeast of san diego. the quake caused a momentary cause being played here at petco park. no reports of anybody being injured. two people are in custody after trying to gain unauthorized access to the air force outside of tampa. it's the home of u.s. central command, which runs wars in afghanistan, as well as iraq. the suspects didn't have the proper identification and a search of their suv turned up military style gear as well as weapons. >> and the parties from
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seattle, all investigating multiple reports of envelopes filled with an unidentified white powder sent to eight federal buildings across the pacific northwest. authorities say an envelope was found by one of the fbi offices. so far, the offices appear not to be toxic, but samples were sent back to the labs for further testing. >> a family in panic. >> and a child fearing for her life. [ inaudible ] >> wow. the rescue after a car with a child rolled over into a pond. i'm going to start with your forehead and you'll probably feel a little tingling sensation. >> more about sunscreen, the ways that give your skin that radiant glow. >> plus, many of you are looking for that perfect diet. the chilly way to shed weight
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and what one little cube can do for you. at 5:55, we have ourselves a warm, humid start to a day that would not be as hot and sticky as it was yesterday. scattered showers and storms. 83, more storms likely tomorrow. upper 80s thursday and friday and this weekend will be in the 90s. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. right now, another check on traffic with kim. >> justin, all lanes have been reopened. on the beltway, that earlier accident activity has been cleared off. traffic is flowing freely. i do have an update, more details when good morning maryland returns at 6:00.
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for a whole lot less. thanks. [ female announcer ] with thousands of rollbacks, it's rollback time. save money. live better. walmart. now, good morning maryland. >> don't come to baltimore because you have a mayor who lies and a mayor who doesn't care about public safety. >> you're listening to the war
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of words. how police and firefighters want to be taken care of by the city they protect. >> after being shot and killed in mt. vernon. thinking she -- good morning, i'm jamie costello. and had and i'm megan pringle. it was hot out there yesterday, right? >> oh yeah. justin burke is back. how are you? >> good morning to you. almost 6:00 and we hit 90 yesterday. we had a couple showers roll through trying to provide some heat relief and also moisture, which means some places will be dealing with heat and fog. it's a mixture of clouds, with 68. back there in western howard county. now we are looking at a mixture of clouds and some sun that will peek through this morning. check out this neat view. looking across the harbor and it looks like a mostly cloudy sky, with 72. feels like 77. more clouds


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